06 july

Why fluoride free

Fluoride has been traditionally used in toothpaste because it is believed to enhance the remineralizing process of teeth and strengthen enamel.

However, discussions about the negative effect of fluoride have long been underway and if you were to google “Fluoride” it would not be too difficult to find reasons to avoid it. Consequently, scientists in Russia have for years been working on a fluoride-free toothpaste but yet with the same caries prevention efficacy.

R.O.C.S.® toothpaste is the fruit of those hard years of study and its efficacy has been clinically proven.

Фтор в питьевой воде

The use of fluoride toothpaste is not recommended when the drinking water contains a high concentration of fluoride (more than 1, 2 mg/l). R.O.C.S.® toothpastes for adults contain no fluoride; teeth protection is achieved through the use of other components, which make them ideal for the whole family, including children.

Зубная паста R.O.C.S. без фтора

The use of R.O.C.S.® toothpaste increase the acid resistance by 75%!* The rate of active inclusion of calcium in the enamel (remineralization) may be almost doubled after 3 months of use of R.O.C.S.® toothpastes for adults.* This is a clear advantage of R.O.C.S.® over fluoride toothpastes.*

* based on results from clinical trials